TURBOnews March / 2019

Main topics

Polarmoist reveals new product

Polarmatic is proud to announce the first delivery of its new heating unit for volumetric mixers.

Bauma is approaching - plan ahead

We are just a few weeks before the opening of this years biggest trade show for the construction industry. Let's us have a look where to find us!

Think about maintenance

Maintenance is not only important for the batch plant itself but also to auxiliary systems like the heating unit to ensure a smooth start of the whole operation when days are getting colder.

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TURBOnews January / 2019

Main topics

Polarmoist Product Update

Every year North America’s concrete experts will come together to visit the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas. This year’s exhibition takes place February 2–5, 2016 at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Old Control System Support Ends

More and more countries and customers want to go greener. It is possible, also with Polarmatic’s heating systems.

Be Prepared for bauma 2019

Bauma 2019 will be the place to be in April this year and Polarmatic will, participate again with its own stand.

More Events to Come This Year

Check your calender not to miss any of these important dates.

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TURBOnews May / 2018

Main topics

Polarmatic has developed Nitrogen Cooling Solutions that can help any concrete producer to tailor just the perfect solution for its needs making it not only efficient for the production, but also the most cost-efficient answer to the specific cooling needs they have.

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TURBOnews November / 2016

Main topics

Optimizing the precast production with warm concrete

Curing of precast concrete products is highly dependant on the temperature of the poured concrete and the environment‭. ‬High concrete temperatures accelerate the hydration while low temperatures slow it down‭. ‬

Benefits of using warm concrete

  • Faster rate of hydration‭ – faster achievement of required strength to strip the molds‭ ‬
  • Lower production costs per mold due to higher productivity‭. ‬While the curing times are dramatically reduced‭, ‬the same personnel‭ ‬and production line produces more in the same time‭.‬..

Last exhibitions and events for 2016

Be prepared for next years‮!&‬‭ ‬big event in Las Vegas‭ - CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

We would be glad to meet you at one of the following exhibitions and events to discuss with you the latest developments and show‭ ‬you the newest Polarmatic products‭. ‬


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TURBOnews July / 2016

Main topics

TURBOMATIC Maintenance and Service

Summertime is here and you are probably not thinking about your heating equipment! But once again it is the right time to think about maintenance to ensure a safe and trouble-free coming heating season whether you are heating only 3 months per year or much more as many precast companies do.

Concrete Cooling

Concrete cooling in summer is as important as heating in winter. For many years Polarmatic’s product range has included cold water units, and today we can also offer solutions for cooling the aggregates.

Did you know?

The TURBOMATIC heating unit does not affect the quality of your concrete, you will get constant quality concrete under all conditions.

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TURBOnews April / 2016

Main topics


Bauma is almost here, next week the concrete experts worldwide will have the possibility to see and explore the market in one glimpse.

Turbomatic´s Superior Energy Efficiency

The TURBOMATIC heating system is one of the most effective, energy efficient and cost efficient concrete heating system in the market

COOLMATIC product range completion

Polarmatic will soon reveal a totally new product range for cooling purposes.

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TURBOnews February / 2016

Main topics

World of Concrete, Las Vegas

Every year North America’s concrete experts will come together to visit the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas. This year’s exhibition takes place February 2–5, 2016 at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Minimize your carbon footprint with biodiesel

More and more countries and customers want to go greener. It is possible, also with Polarmatic’s heating systems.

ProConX batch plant control system

What may well be the biggest milestone in recent years of Polarmatic product development has taken place few weeks ago when Polarmatic launched the new batch plant control system ProConX.

Be prepared for Bauma 2016

Bauma 2016 will be the place to be in April this year and Polarmatic will, for the first time, participate with its own stand.

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TURBOnews September / 2015

Main topics

Polarmatic offers a unique system for customers with cooling and heating demand

Climate changes and extreme weather conditions appear more often even in regions known for moderate climate conditions. Polarmatic offers now a solution which offers both, a heating and cooling solution in one system.

New Polarmatic corporate identity and internet pages released

Polarmatic is proud to present itself in a new, fresh design. “We have recently released our new internet pages in conjunction with a new corporate identity.

Upcoming Events

Polarmatic is participating at numerous exhibitions, shows, and events during the upcoming fall season.

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TURBOnews June / 2015

Main topics

TURmaxTURBOMATIC – more flexibility with independent water and aggregate heatin

There are applications in concrete production processes where hot dosing water, aggregate heating and curing of precast products is needed at the same time. The maxTURBOMATIC thermal energy unit operates in two different basic modes: water heating- or aggregate heating-mode.

asphaltTURBOMATIC (“PIK”) for tarmac paving

Polarmatic has a long experience in supplying TURBOMATIC units for tarmac road paving projects. The high energy requirement (typically above 4 MW) is calling for a heating solution with high efficiency.


POLARMOIST is an optical moisture probe for the reliable measurement of the moisture content in aggregates. This high-quality probe guarantees a long product lifetime by using long-lasting LED technology.

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TURBOnews December / 2014

Main topics


From oil & gas fields at the Siberian Arctic seashore to the high Himalayas in India, from the coast of Norway to the Northeastern provinces of China and north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, the TURBOMATIC heating system has proven to be the right solution for concrete production – even in the most extreme conditions.


Nuclear power stations require the highest possible quality of concrete.


Wind turbines represent one of the most demanding constructions in regards to the quality of the concrete.


Hebron is a heavy oil field estimated to have 400 - 700 million barrels of recoverable resources.

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TURBOnews September / 2010

Main topics


The TURBOMATIC™ heating system - with its many benefits such as superior heating power enabling high quality concrete production under all temperature conditions, significant fuel cost savings and the inherent environmental friendliness among others - has always been the top of the world, but now Polarmatic has found itself literally “on the top of the world”.


After the first TURBOMATIC heating system startup at Hargest Co.’s new batching plant in Cambridge, Ontario in April 2010, two additional TURBOMATIC’s are en route to Canada for start-up in 2010.


The TURBOMATIC control system user interface is being upgraded as part of the development of the new control system, TURBOcontrolTM v3.2, to be used in all TURBOMATIC thermal energy units starting January 2011.

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