TURBOnews July / 2016

TURBOMATIC Maintenance and Service

Summertime is here and you are probably not thinking about your heating equipment! But once again it is the right time to think about maintenance to ensure a safe and trouble-free coming heating season whether you are heating only 3 months per year or much more as many precast companies do. It is extremely important to perform preventive maintenance and service activities of your heating equipment on regular basis and in good time before the season begins.

Polarmatic offers to all its customers a scheduled annual maintenance program which is the easiest way for a care-free and guaranteed operation during the winter months. The annual service includes the check and replacement of wear parts, burner, water storage tank etc. – going through the whole unit by a maintenance task list. The burning process of the TURBOMATIC will also be measured and retuned if necessary to ensure the cleanest burning process possible.

By choosing Polarmatic’s maintenance agreement you will always be served with the original spare parts throughout the agreement period and always with attractive pricing. In case you are served by one of our service partners you will get the same competent and reliable service from their trained service staff.

For more detailed information, please contact our sales or service personnel directly or via [email protected] or [email protected]

Concrete Cooling

Concrete cooling in summer is as important as heating in winter. For many years Polarmatic’s product range has included cold water units, and today we can also offer solutions for cooling the aggregates. Aggregates are representing approx. 70% of the total heat capacity in concrete. This means that in some cases the only way to cool the concrete cold enough is to aim for the highest heat load.

Polarmatic COOLMATIC™ product line offers currently three basic technologies for concrete cooling:

  • Water cooling, either with water chillers or nitrogen based systems
    Water cooling: 10 °C [18 °F] drop in water temperature is approximately 2 °C [3.6 °F] drop in concrete temperature (depending on concrete recipe)
  • FreshWind, a system based on adiabatic cooling where water mist is used to remove the heat from the aggregates
    Fairly light system, yet very effective to let the heat evaporate from the material
  • Nitrogen injection, where the extreme cold media is injected either directly in the aggregates or led via the existing TURBOMATIC piping when combined with a heating system
    Fast and effective technology to instantly cool down the hot aggregates

The optimum COOLMATIC™ system can be realized either with only one cooling technique, in some cases it can be a combination with various techniques. In case you are thinking about cooling your concrete: talk to us, we will propose you a way of handling even the most demanding cases!

Did you know?

  • The TURBOMATIC heating unit does not affect the quality of your concrete, you will get constant quality concrete under all conditions
  • When surveying your business according to an Energy Management System (ISO 50001) the TURBOMATIC heating system can contribute to achieve your goals
  • Controlled curing of precast concrete is the key to high product quality and production throughput, and Polarmatic’s CUREMATIC CureControl helps you to improve the overall production process
  • Polarmatic does not serve customers with only heating, curing and cooling equipment, we also have to offer comprehensive measurement systems like the new Polarmoist aggregate moisture probe and the proven Tempmatic mixer temperature probes.


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