TURBOnews June / 2015

maxTURBOMATIC – more flexibility with independent water and aggregate heating

There are applications in concrete production processes where hot dosing water, aggregate heating and curing of precast products is needed at the same time. The maxTURBOMATIC thermal energy unit operates in two different basic modes: water heating- or aggregate heating-mode.

The maxTURBOMATIC does exactly what the user is demanding – no limitations what so ever – having the possibility to distribute the heat individually to the concrete ingredients helps to make the production more flexible and even more controllable.

The operation of the maxTURBOMATIC thermal energy unit is based on leading the combustion gases - either

  1. directly through a TURBOsteam generator or
  2. through a heat exchanger located in a separate hot water tank - to aggregate receiving and storage facilities thereby transferring the energy contained in the hot combustion gases to the water in the tank and to the aggregates.

Polarmatic has various TURBOMATIC heating systems for the concrete business:

STD - the proven, most common standard unit

COM - compact unit for smaller plants in mild climate conditions

MAX - precast and large batching plants

TSG - aggregate (storage) heating with TURBOsteam

WAT – efficient water heating

With the maxTURBOMATIC it is possible to utilize 100% of the input energy for aggregate heating. The maxTURBOMATIC can thus also be run 24 hours a day/7 days a week at full capacity even when there is no need for warm water.

asphaltTURBOMATIC (“PIK”) for tarmac paving

Polarmatic has a long experience in supplying TURBOMATIC units for tarmac road paving projects. The high energy requirement (typically above 4 MW) is calling for a heating solution with high efficiency.

Polarmatic has developed an aggregate heating system, asphaltTURBOMATIC, to provide a compact heating method for demanding tarmac projects.

Paving roads does not allow unplanned breaks in the work flow, thus the reliability of the asphaltTURBOMATIC is one of the main reasons behind the success of the unit in the road paving projects.

For more information on Polarmatic solutions for road paving, please contact Polarmatic Sales


Polarmoist is an optical moisture probe for the reliable measurement of the moisture content in aggregates. This high-quality probe guarantees a long product lifetime by using long-lasting LED technology.

The POLARMOIST probe allows steady operation and offers accurate results with little calibration work due to the contactless measurement principle.

For the precise control of the concrete production it is not only essential to know the aggregate temperature but also the exact water content of the material.

Measuring the moisture of the aggregate without physical contact is as important as a feature, as the easy calibration procedure of the POLARMOIST probe.

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