Polarmatic Oy offers extensive services for all its products as well as professional consultancy and guidance in finding the optimum solution for every customer.


If you have a request for maintenance, repair or spare parts please contact our service.

Add-ons and Extensions

If you want to extend or upgrade your current equipment we offer a full range of product add-ons.


The design & engineering services, including the know-how and experience of over 40 years, offered by Polarmatic cover all systems of the concrete batching plant including the following:

process design

  • energy and material balances including power requirements, flow rates, temperatures, pressures etc.
  • dimensioning of components like pumps, heat exchangers, tanks etc.

mechanical and layout design

  • piping systems (pipe sizes, material selection, routing etc.)
  • silo heating system including angle plates

design of controls and electrification

  • system instrumentation & controls, safety equipment etc.
  • modifications and extensions of existing equipment

software design

  • tailored software solutions for concrete batch plants
  • modifications and upgrades of existing software


Polarmatic provides turn-key installations and commissioning of the equipment delivered. Each system is factory-tested prior to shipment. All safety related equipment is checked and the controls are tuned already at Polarmatic’s factory.

The start-up and commissioning is always performed by Polarmatic’s personnel or alternately by a certified and trained Polarmatic service partner. During the start-up and commissioning the controls are fine-tuned taking into account the actual, local conditions. Training of the customers’ operating personnel is performed either at Polarmatic’s factory or at the batch or precast plant during start-up and commissioning.

Customer service

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Project Manager


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Aare Leesment
Service Engineer


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