Schällibaum AG, Alt St. Johann, Switzerland

Total curing & heating system solution

Polarmatic Oy’s TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit has been specifically developed for heating of aggregates and generation of all the hot water needed for process and heating purposes in concrete batching and precast plants. 

With more than 1200 delivered units all around the northern hemisphere, the TURBOMATIC has proven itself to be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly heating system available for concrete production.

The TURBOMATIC offers superior heating power and it consumes significantly less fuel oil than traditional heating systems. With the TURBOMATIC it is possible to produce reliably and continuously concrete in the desired volumes and at the required temperature even during the coldest of winters. For example, warm concrete can be produced at a temperature of 25°C or higher under all ambient temperature conditions.

Typical savings in the fuel consumption are in the range of 60‐80% compared to traditional air‐ or steam‐ based heating systems. The TURBOMATIC is also environmentally friendlier than traditional air or steam based heating systems due to the inherently low fuel consumption, utilization of flue gases for heating of aggregates and the lowNOx‐burner technology used as a standard solution, among other features. Most importantly, the TURBOMATIC ensures the best possible concrete quality by maintaining the optimum water‐to‐cement‐ratio under all circumstances.

A typical example of the successful application of the TURBOMATIC heating system is the concrete factory of Schällibaum AG in Alt St. Johann, Switzerland. The ready-mix concrete produced by Schällibaum AG is delivered to customers in the eastern Swiss region of Toggenburg and concrete elements are produced for own projects working as a contractor.


The new plant of Schällibaum AG has an inline aggregate bin with 7 compartments, one planetary mixer, factory buildings and a formwork table. The TURBOMATIC heating system for Schällibaum AG is designed to handle the following heating needs of the ready-mix and precast concrete plant:

  • Melting of ice and heating of aggregates in the inline bin in 7 compartments
  • Generation of warm dosing water for concrete production
  • Heating of batch plant and precast concrete factory facilities
  • Heating of the formwork table for curing of precast formwork

All this is achieved with one single unit, fully automatic and PC-controlled.

Schällibaum AG invested in the TURBOMATIC heating system to solve the following problems: to produce concrete at the required quality (consistency) and at the required temperature during the winter months. In addition, the produce as energy efficient as possible giving a short payback time for the new investment and having a heating system to relay on for the years to come.

Project data


  • Capacity 1,0 MW
  • Fuel fuel oil
  • Structure rack mounted
  • Commissioning 2014
  • Sales and installation partner Macotis GmbH