Camp Precast, Milton, Vermont, USA

Feature in Precast Inc. (NPCA) Magazine

Camp Precast based in Milton, Vermont is featured in the latest Precast Inc. (NPCA) magazine. They decided to invest in new facilities to produce larger precast products adding 14,000 square feet of indoor production. 

With this plant expansion a TURBOMATIC heating system was considered as a solution for the winter season production.

The main reason why Camp Precast decided to invest in this system was to increase production efficiencies with the new operation. The hope is the technology will allow the company to produce 80-degree concrete in the middle of winter using frozen aggregate, something the owners never thought could be possible. According to Travis Brousseau, part-owner and general manager, there were often times when the company had to purchase ready-mix concrete during the winter months because batching concrete was more expensive than buying it. And under heavy wintertime conditions, the plant would have been forced to completely shut down. Polarmatic provided a heating system to heat the aggregates, the process water and the plant efficiently.

Polarmatic's solution for Camp Precast: TURBOMATIC Model PME-MAX 750 G which is capable of handling

  • aggregate heating in four direct fed bins
  • heating of batch water
  • heating of production facilities
  • heating of domestic water

Read the full magazine here.