Polarmatic has more than 30 years of experience in delivering heating, automation and measurement solutions for the concrete industry.

Lakan Betoni Oy, Finland

Taking a leap forward by renewing heating technology

Lakan Betoni is a Finnish family owned business founded in 1965. In five plants Lakan Betoni produces concrete products like pavers, precast concrete as well as ready-mixed concrete under its trademark Lakka®. The operation has its headquarters in the Eastern Finland’s town of Joensuu where Lakan Betoni had a outdated heating system working with two steam boilers. The plant was constantly struggling with moisture issues and lack of efficiency putting their energy expenses way to high. Ultimately Lakan Betoni was looking for a new, more environmentally friendly solution to handle all their heating needs.

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Camp Precast, Milton, Vermont, USA

Camp Precast, Milton, Vermont, USA

Camp Precast based in Milton, Vermont is featured in the latest Precast Inc. (NPCA) magazine. They decided to invest in new facilities to produce larger precast products adding 14,000 square feet of indoor production. With this plant expansion a TURBOMATIC heating system was considered as a solution for the winter season production.

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Lasselsberger GmbH, Krems, Austria

Combined heating and cooling solution

The company Lasselsberger was the first Austrian customer of Polarmatic. In the year 1999, the company decided to invest in a new Turbomatic™ heating system for the efficient production of ready-mix concrete in cold climate on the Austrian market. The Turbomatic thermal energy unit is a total heating solution for batching plants: heating of aggregates and generation of warm dosing water; also capable of handling all other batching plant heating and warm wash water needs.

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Tunneling Projects

TURBOMATIC – The No. 1 Choice for Tunneling Projects

For decades has the TURBOMATIC heating system been the first choice for large infrastructure projects where high quality standards are demanded for concrete and shotcrete delivered at job sites running all year round. Here is a short introduction into three different tunneling projects where TURBOMATIC heating systems are currently in use:

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Schällibaum AG, Alt St. Johann, Switzerland

Total curing & heating system solution

Polarmatic Oy’s TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit has been specifically developed for heating of aggregates and generation of all the hot water needed for process and heating purposes in concrete batching and precast plants. With more than 900 delivered units all around the northern hemisphere, the TURBOMATIC has proven itself to be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly heating system available for concrete production.

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One of Finland's leading concrete industry companies

Lujabetoni Oy is one of Finland’s leading concrete industry companies providing its customers with an extensive range of products, including ready‐mixed concretes, precast units for frames and facades, railway sleepers, piles, precast units for agriculture as well as landscaping products such as paving slabs, and prefabricated housing systems.

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Betonring Murtal GmbH - Scheifling, Austria

For heating purposes, Betonring Murtal uses a 1MW Turbomatic thermal energy unit.

Betonring Murtal was founded 2001 by a co-operation of seven local construction firms, the Betonring-Ring St. Veit and Mr Johann Hirtler. This co-operation established a new RMC plant in the industrial area of Schleifling in Styria/Austria.

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OOO ”Aviakor” – Samara, Russia

State-of-the-art heating solution for the winter conditions concrete plants encounter in Russia.

The TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit for Russian Samara-based OOO “Aviakor”, producer of concrete elements and hollow core concrete slabs is a state-of-the-art heating solution for the winter conditions concrete plants encounter in Russia.

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