TURBOnews April / 2015


The CUREMATIC™ curing and heating system is specifically developed to solve all heating and curing needs in precast concrete, pipe, block and paver plants. With a single unit it is possible to improve the end-product quality, increase the production capacity, and speed-up the throughput time.

The CUREMATIC system solution is always specifically customized to deliver warm concrete and to control the curing process – temperature and moisture - in an optimum environment and manner… and for a seamless operation with the TURBOMATIC heating system.

The total CUREMATIC curing system solution consists of the following:


  • Basic engineering: dimensioning of the equipment and entire system for the specific process and end-products in question (on a customer-specific basis)
  • TURBOMATIC™ heating unit (or alternate heat source)
  • CUREMOIST™ moisturizing system
  • CUREMATICenviro™ curing tents, kilns and chambers – with/without air circulation
  • CUREMATICcontrol™ control system for managing the curing process, including GUI (graphical user interface) and advanced reporting tools


The CUREMATIC curing system offers numerous benefits:

  • Total system solution for curing and heating
  • Precise control of the entire curing process
  • Increased annual production and/or faster throughput due to superior heating power and/or use of warm concrete
  • Production of high, constant and homogenious quality end-products with warm, high quality concrete
  • Significant savings in energy consumption and cost – as high as 80%
  • Savings in cement usage and cost, up to 10%
  • Optimized, precise control throughout the entire process – from batching to curing including continuous follow-up, monitoring and reporting

TURBOMATIC COMPACT – Optimized for Central Europe

Polarmatic has developed a new optimized TURBOMATIC heating system which suits perfectly to the central European conditions.

The new unit has the same capacity as the standard system, but is modified especially for the European batching plants.

The new heating system gives an answer to many concrete producers in Central Europe where warm concrete has to be produced for 3-5 months at moderate climate conditions.

The capacity range reaches from 300 to 750 kW and offers by far the most reliableand cost effective solutions for the European customers.

When the ambient temperature drops below +5°C it is not possible to produce (warm) concrete with warm water only > also aggregate heating is needed.

TURBOMATIC THERMAL ENERGY UNIT is the right choice for this purpose with its multiple functions, including:

  • Aggregate heating
  • Warm dosing water
  • Warm wash water
  • Heating of offices etc.


Polarmoist is an optical moisture probe for the reliable measurement of the moisture content in aggregates. High-quality of the product is guaranteed by using long-lasting LED technology.

The Polarmoist probe allows steady operation and offers accurate results with little calibration work due to the contactless measurement principle.

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