TURBOnews May / 2018

Concrete Cooling by Polarmatic

Are you already feeling the heat with your concrete production this year? Did you know that Polarmatic, a 50-years old world-leading heating solution provider in the market, now has efficient cooling solutions available as well?

Polarmatic has developed Nitrogen Cooling Solutions that can help any concrete producer to tailor just the perfect solution for its needs making it not only efficient for the production, but also the most cost-efficient answer to the specific cooling needs they have.

As in heating, also in cooling, majority of the concrete mass comes from aggregates. Polarmatic focuses on cooling the aggregates to the desired temperature by introducing Nitrogen into the aggregates in the bins prior to batching and mixing. When that is not enough, chilled water can be used to bring the temperature of the concrete down even more. And, for the extreme, cooling the cement can be added to make sure to bring concrete temperature down to an area where concrete workability is ideal. It is also possible to cool down the batch plant building by adding a few blowers and connecting them to the system.

Compared to chilling water, this is much more efficient and suitable for warmer climates as well. When comparing to ice plants or wet-belts, this is a much cleaner solution requiring remarkably less labor and maintenance work. Ready to chill out? Contact us at sales@polarmatic.com and let us work with you for the perfect concrete temperature.

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