TURBOnews September / 2010


The TURBOMATIC™ heating system - with its many benefits such as superior heating power enabling high quality concrete production under all temperature conditions, significant fuel cost savings and the inherent environmental friendliness among others - has always been the top of the world, but now Polarmatic has found itself literally “on the top of the world”. The TURBOMATIC for the Rohtang Pass Highway Tunnel Project in Northern India is installed at an elevation of about 3000 meters above the sea level in the Himalajas. The TURBOMATIC will provide the required heating power to enable concrete production and thus construction work to be continued throughout the whole year; even during the cold winter months. The weather conditions at the South Portal are quite severe with the monsune bringing heavy rains from the Indian Ocean during the summer and heavy snow fall during the winter when temperature reaches well below -10ºC.

The concrete for the South Portal will be produced with two identical Liebherr batching plants, model Compactmix 1,0 A-T/R (with compartment type silos). One fuel oil fired TURBOMATIC with the capacity of 1,0 MW will heat the aggregates and generate the hot dosing water for both batching plants during the winter operation. The TURBOMATIC will also provide the heat for the batching plant facilities.

The Rohtang Pass Highway Tunnel project is a STRABAG-AFCONS joint venture project.


Year 2010 marks the year Polarmatic conquered the West. After the first TURBOMATIC heating system startup at Hargest Co.’s new batching plant in Cambridge, Ontario in April 2010, two additional TURBOMATIC’s are en route to Canada for start-up in 2010.

The fuel oil fired TURBOMATIC at Hargest Co.’s new batching plant is utilised to heat the aggregates and produce the dosing water for the concrete production process. The 1.0 MW TURBOMATIC is equipped with an integrated fuel oil tank (located inside the TURBOcontainer) and truck mixer wash/fill water system.

The second Canadian TURBOMATICwill be delivered to Quebec-based Beton Provincial. Beton Provincial is a producer of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, asphalt and crushed stone and aggregates. The natural gas fired TURBOMATIC with a capacity of 1,5 MW will be installed at Beton Provincial’s new batching plant, delivered by US-based BMH-systems, in Boucherville, Quebec. The TURBOMATIC will handle all the heating needs of the new batching plant including: sand pad thawing, aggregate thawing and pre-heating in the receiving hopper, aggregates heating in the silos, generation of warm dosing water, production of warm wash/tank fill water for the truck mixers in addition to heating all concrete batching plant facilities and the indoor aggregate storage. The TURBOMATIC provides the most effective and cost efficient solution handling all heating requirements with one, single thermal energy unit.

The third Canadian TURBOMATIC is en route to Timmins in northern Ontario where Peter Kiewit Sons Co. is responsible for the construction of the Lower Mattagami-river hydroelectric project. When the project is completed Ontario Power Generation will produce approximately 440 MW’s of new hydro power. The concrete for the project will be produced with two Liebherr Mobilmix 2.25 batching plants. The 1,0 MW, MAX-type TURBOMATICwill handle all the heating needs of the two batching plants. TURBOgas/steam is utilised to thaw the aggregates in the outdoor storage, heat the aggregates, produce the warm dosing water and heat the concrete batching plant facilities.


The newly developed miniTURBOMATIC™ has quickly found its place and customers. After the first delivery to Bulgarian Admix in the autumn of 2009 another two miniTURBOMATICs are scheduled for start-up during 2010 in Poland.

The miniTURBOMATIC is a completely new TURBOmodel intended for use in moderate climates (temperature conditions) and/or for lower winter-time concrete production capacities. The miniTURBOMATIC has all the benefits of a standardTURBOMATIC - superior heating power, significant savings in fuel, operating and maintenance costs in addition to being reliable, fast and easy-to-operate – only in a smaller scale.


The TURBOMATIC offers numerous benefits to Precast Concrete Factories including increased production and/or lower production costs, higher quality and the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs in an environmentally friendly manner.


  • increased end-product production or cost savings (due to use of warm/hot concrete)
  • increased end-product production due to reliable and stable production of hot concrete (concrete at a temperature of 20-30ºC can be produced under all ambient temperature conditions); also minimised quality costs due to high, even concrete quality
  • higher concrete and end-product quality
  • year-around concrete and endproduct production, even during coldest of winters without reduction in production capacity
  • savings in cement usage and cost
  • more demanding applications due to the even quality of the concrete (tunnel elements, damms etc)
  • higher delivery accuracy
  • significant savings in fuel consumption due to the highest possible energy efficiency and with all process, heating and utility requirements solved with one, single thermal energy unit; also no stand-by fuel costs (associated with f.ex. steam boilers)
  • low operating and maintenance costs


  • better concrete quality due to even quality aggregates and optimum water-to-cement ratio
  • improved end-product quality due to high and even quality concrete

Polarmatic has a long experience in supplying heating systems for precast element factories in the Nordic countries and Russia. In Germany, Dachser GmbH & Co. KG in Türkheim produces concrete for Mindelheim-based building contractor Glass GmbH, which manufactures special components for tunnel construction – tunnel lining segments.

FTO-Fertigteilwerk in Marktzeuln is the first German precast concrete producer to invest in a TURBOMATIC heating system. FTO-Fertigteilwerk produces reinforced concrete elements, TT-beams, façades, stairs etc. Due to the fact that the moulds are not heated (nor the production halls) it is crucial that hot concrete is available for the production at all times. With the use of hot concrete it is possible to produce quality precast concrete products without heating the moulds or halls.

FTO-Fertigteilwerk selected the TURBOMATIC in order to reliably and continuously reach the required concrete production capacity and temperature and thus to be able to produce under all circumstances – both the quantity and quality needed. The TURBOMATIC will also result in significant savings in the fuel consumption. In addition to heating the aggregates and producing the warm water for the concrete production, the natural gas fired, 1,0 MW TURBOMATIC will heat the precast concrete factory’s facilities.


Polarmatic’s product development strives for continued improvements in the effectiveness, efficiency and environmental performance of the TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit:

The TURBOMATIC control system user interface is being upgraded as part of the development of the new control system, TURBOcontrolTM v3.2, to be used in all TURBOMATIC thermal energy units starting January 2011. The new user interface is developed based on customer input and will improve the usability resulting in an easier and more efficient control of the TURBOMATIC.

The TURBOopticontrol™ v3.1 enables the stepless control of the output of the TURBOMATIC from 50-100%. The control is used to optimise and fine tune the performance of the TURBOMATIC.

The TURBOoptimizer™ v1.3 provides the concrete mixing plant operator with detailed, in-depth information about the operation and performance of the TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit and the associated heating systems. The information is utilised to monitor the operation in more detail and thus to improve and optimize the performance of the heating system in order to, for instance, achieve increased cost savings. The TURBOoptimizer can also be utilised to harmonize the operation (in different batching plants) and to train new operators to operate the TURBOMATIC in an optimum manner.

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