TURBOnews September / 2015

Combined Heating and Cooling Solution

Polarmatic offers a unique system for customers with cooling and heating demand

Climate changes and extreme weather conditions appear more often even in regions known for moderate climate conditions. Polarmatic offers now a solution which offers both, a heating and cooling solution in one system. It consists of the proven TURBOMATIC thermal energy unit plus the COOLMATIC cooling plant which produces cold water for operation during hot summer months in a 2in1 package.

The combined system and is built into a sea container and the same water storage tank is utilized for hot and cold water dosing. All components are chosen according to customers specific cooling and heating requirements and ready build into a complete system. This eliminates the purchase and installation of two separate systems and controls for those.


  • “all in one” heating and cooling solution
  • excellent cooling capabilities paired with superior heating power
  • containerized solution, 20’ or 40’ standard sea container

For more information on Polarmatic’s combined heating and cooling solution please contact Polarmatic Sales.

New Polarmatic corporate identity and internet pages released

Polarmatic is proud to present itself in a new, fresh design. “We have recently released our new internet pages in conjunction with a new corporate identity. With the new identity we want give our customers a sign of new and fresh personality which results in new solutions to our customers’ benefit as well a customer oriented attitude.” says Mia Kauhanen, President of Polarmatic.

The new internet pages have a contemporary design and are user friendly to browse through. All available products and accessories can be found easily and the pages are divided into five clear product solution segments.

Upcoming Events

Polarmatic is participating at numerous exhibitions, shows, and events during the upcoming fall season. Please save your date for the event close to you and meet us at our booth or see our presentations.

We would be glad to meet you at one of the following events to discuss with you the newest developments and show you the newest Polarmatic products.


  • Sept. 19-22 NRMCA Concrete Works 2015, San Antonio,TX
  • Oct. 21-24 NPCA 50th Annual Convention, Minneapolis, MN
  • Oct. 29 Betonipäivät 2015, Helsinki, Finland
  • Nov. 23-26 The Big 5, Dubai, UAE
  • Dec. 1-2 Engineering Days, Vienna, Austria
  • Dec. 1-3 ConTech, Moscow, Russia
  • Dec. 8-11 ICCX 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

Please feel free to contact us if you wish more information about the events we are participating and check our homepage www.polarmatic.fi for detailed information where to find us.

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