US – Energy-Efficient Heating and Reliable Moisture Control for the Concrete Industry

Tindall Corporation, Spartanburg, SC, USA

Tindall Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers in the precast/pre-stressed concrete industry in the United States. The company is established in 1932 and since 1963 it has been owned by the Lowndes family. Today the corporation owns 6 manufacturing plants in the Southeastern USA and the production consists of various types of precast/prestresses products for many different industries.

Originally Tindall business started in the town of Spartanburg, SC where Tindall also today has its most modern, brand new production premises. This new manufacturing plant opened in 2021 with state-of-the-art solutions to produce a wide range of products from standard storm/sewer infrastructure to unique industrial precast solutions.

The new Tindall Spartanburg Infrastructure plant is equipped with a TURBOMATIC heating solution and POLARMOIST moisture sensors by Polarmatic. The heating unit model PME-MAX 1000 G enables the company to heat their aggregates and water very efficiently on a per batch basis and as fast as needed to speed up the set times.

Today, with help of the TURBOMATIC, Tindall production can use pre-heated aggregates, which improves their batching process enabling consistent production of high-qualityconcrete. The Polarmatic heating system enables faster turnaround of molds as the products reach their stripping strength faster, which improves the productivity of the plant. According to Tindall team, heating the aggregates with the TURBOMATIC helps the company to accelerate their curing process especially during the winter months.

In addition to accurate temperature adjustments Tindall also utilizes the POLARMOIST optical moisture sensors, which perform reliably at any size of aggregates requiring only one time calibration and very little maintenance. This is a huge improvement, especially compared to the old steam boiler system, where steam was introduced to the aggregates during the mixing process and controlling of concrete quality was very challenging due to excess moisture.

We chose the Polarmatic system because of its ability to heat our aggregates quickly and accurately to the temperatures we need. We are using the TURBOMATIC heating system to keep our materials at the controlled temperature we desire to create a consistent mix from batch to batch.

– Justin Reason, Industrial Engineer, Infrastructure Division –

TURBOMATIC heats the aggregates throughout our bins. In return, this helps to sustain a constant concrete temperature as well as keeping the excess moisture to a minimum in the aggregates prior to batching.

– Michael Rothrock, Mechanical Department –

Polarmatic has delivered approximately 1,300 (as of April 2023) heating units globally, and the popularity of the system is constantly increasing among the concrete industry. Polarmatic systems are responding perfectly to the important needs of the sustainability and climate targets of concrete industry. TURBOMATIC heating solution does not bring any direct emissions into the air, as the system uses all the energy it is producing, making it a very energy-efficient solution with remarkable cost saving as well.

With TURBOMATIC heating system concrete producers will be able to produce concrete and concrete products consistently at the temperature they want, eliminating all waste and delivering their end-products with improved quality yet shorter curing times. The shorter curing times allow companies to produce more products within the same time, thus improving their productivity.

Tindall Spartanburg plant has been very satisfied with their heating solution investment. The latest proof of their satisfaction is that now the group is also in the process of converting their Conley, GA plant to work with TURBOMATIC heating and curing system from Polarmatic.

We have been very happy with the Polarmatic system and its performance, and we would definitely recommend TURBOMATIC heating solutions also to other companies in our industry.

– Justin Reason, Industrial Engineer, Infrastructure Division –
Flowchart Tindall

Batching Plant

ProductionPrecast concrete products
Number of Mixers1 pc
Number of Aggregate Bins5 pcs
Production Rate780 yd3/h (60 m3/h)
Ambient ConditionsMin. temperature: 30.2°F (-1,0°C)
Min. aggregate temperature: 32°F (0°C)

Heating Solution

Total Capacity1,0 MW (3.4 MBTU/h)
FuelNatural Gas
Features and Add-OnsWarm air blowers for heating the batch plant
POLARMOIST optical moisture probes for aggregate bins
Temperature measurement of aggregates with optical probes
Chiller-ready, Spare parts package