RATKAISUT betoniteollisuudelle

RATKAISUT betoniteollisuudelle


Polarmatic tarjoaa kokonaisratkaisun, joka sisältää prosessisuunnittelun & laitteen ja järjestelmän koon mitoituksen, laitetoimituksen, asennuksen ja toimitetun kokonaisuuden käyttöönoton. Lisäksi tarjoamme laitteidemme vuosihuoltoa ja korjauspalveluja.

Laadukkaat ja innovatiivisesti toteutetut ratkaisut auttavat asiakkaita lisäämään vuotuista tuotantokapasiteettia ja valmistamaan korkealaatuista betonia ja betonituotteita ympäristöystävällisesti. Lisäksi saavutetaan merkittäviä säästöjä polttoainekuluissa, sekä toiminnan ja ylläpidon kustannuksissa.

Polarmaticin ratkaisuja on käytössä betonin valmistuksessa sekä kuivatuote- ja elementtitehtailla jopa erittäin vaativissa oloissa.

Tehokkaasti. Luotettavasti. Joustavasti.


Polarmoist-kosteusmittausratkaisut nyt verkkokaupassamme.

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For 70+ years, Huffcutt has been delivering quality precast concrete products to the industry. According to Operations Manager, Chuck Kroll, he believes that the most challenging aspect of producing concrete is consistency. Consistency not only as a measure of workability, but the ability to repeat the same finish ability and hardened concrete results time after time. Huffcutt has just commissione...


As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, we want you to know that Polarmatic remains committed to supporting your business and providing continuity of service even during these exceptional circumstances.  We, as of today, are not experiencing any confirmed cases of COVID-19. Having said that we are well aware that no one is immune to this global risk and are taking action to ...



Polarmatic has offered state-of-the-art products and system solutions specifically designed for the concrete industry since 1968. The mission is to deliver sustainable and reliable options for clients, such as Huffcutt Concrete located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Huffcutt Concrete has decided to rely on the Polarmatic curing system in order to control the two current forced hot air curing c...


Huffcutt has just commissioned a new state-of-the-art batch plant in which they are producing architectural wall panels utilizing a carousel system, using Polarmatic as an integral element of the progress. The following are excerpts from his overall experience collaborating with Polarmatic.



Lakan Betoni is a Finnish family owned business founded in 1965. In five plants Lakan Betoni produces concrete products like pavers, precast concrete as well as ready-mixed concrete under its trademark Lakka®. The operation has its headquarters in the Eastern Finland’s town of Joensuu where Lakan Betoni had a outdated heating system working with two steam boilers. The plant was constantly strugg...


Camp Precast based in Milton, Vermont is featured in the latest Precast Inc. (NPCA) magazine. They decided to invest in new facilities to produce larger precast products adding 14,000 square feet of indoor production. With this plant expansion a TURBOMATIC heating system was considered as a solution for the winter season production.