Aggregate heating
Batching plant space heating

HEATING SOLUTIONS - for the concrete industry

The TURBOMATIC™ heating system is specifically developed to solve all heating needs in batching plants in the most efficient manner and
more importantly to maintain the optimum concrete quality – both temperature and water-to-cement ratio - at all times.

The main functions of the TURBOMATIC are:

  • quick melting of frozen aggregates
  • pre-heating and heating of aggregates
  • generation of warm dosing water


The TURBOMATIC is also capable of handling – at the same time, with a single unit – all other batching plant heating requirements such as:

  • heating of batching plant production facilities
  • heating of offices and other facilities
  • generation of warm wash water/saddle tank fill water for truck mixers
  • production of warm utility water


The TURBOMATIC heating system is available for all climate conditions and heating requirements: from areas with moderate, warm winter conditions to the coldest areas with the most severe winter conditions in the world as well as from small batching plants in small rural towns to the largest plants in the world’s largest metropolitan areas.

The TURBOMATIC heating system offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased annual concrete production - as there is no reduction in production capacity even during the coldest of winters - due to superior heating power
  • Production of high quality concrete with optimum water-to-cement ratio and temperature at required capacity and at all ambient (temperature) conditions
  • Significant savings in fuel consumption – as high as 60-80%
  • Lowest possible operating costs - due to no annual inspections, no separate, certified operating personnel, no special requirements for water…*
  • Lowest possible maintenance costs - designed and built for demanding conditions utilizing only high quality components and equipment
  • Environmentally friendly - due to lowest possible fuel consumption, lowNOx-burner technology, no generation of any wastes whatsoever
  • Fully automatic, PC-operated – and thus fast, flexible and reliable as well as easy-to-operate

* The TURBOMATIC heating unit is not classified as a boiler or pressure vessel