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Advanced and Precise Batching Plant Control.

ProConX control system for concrete batchin plants

Powerful Control at Your Fingertip

ProConX concrete batching plant control system is a modern software which is developed in co-operation with the concrete producers. ProConX is designed to be intuitive, modern, responsive and above everything, easy to use. ProConX includes all the features that a concrete batching plant needs – and more.

ProConX Batching Plant Control Solution


The new generation ProConX batching plant control system is the most modern and user-friendly control solution developed for the concrete industry.

Main features of ProConX control software:

  • The user-interface is executed in a browser and it is available on all platforms available e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and it can be accessed via any browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone.
  • Control the concrete production and manage the fleet simultaneously via multiple open windows.
  • ProConX is a service and all the features of the software are available for all the users.
  • New features and software updates are always available and they follow the newest standards and regulations.
  • Easy integration to several business systems (ERP)
  • Customer orders can be registered via website.

ProConX Offers Numerous Benefits to Users


  • Web-based user interface via Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari
  • Live production overview and planning
  • Drag and Drop functionality for fleet optimization
  • Follow the route of your fleet via live map 
  • Android application for drivers with live truck location and e-waybills
  • Powerful recipe management: recipe creator optimizes the concrete recipes and creates savings on material costs. Modularized recipe structure for easy adjustments of the concrete recipes. 
  • Supports EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) generation.
  • Integrated laboratory module and test data management with reporting tool 
  • Automatic hot and cold water ratio adjustments to reach the desired concrete temperature
  • Automatic moisture adjustment basing on real-time measurements 
  • Integrated load cell supervisor for real time weighing diagrams for load cells and scale calibration


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ProConX Control System

The most modern concrete batching plant control system available in the markets.

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PMC-2300 Control System

The former Polarmatic PMC-2300 control system is replaced by ProConX software, and we offer special ProConX upgrades for our existing PMC-2300 control system users. For more information, please contact our sales team. 

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