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CUREMATIC with Hot Air curing

Warm water is circulated through a piping system which distributes the heat through fan coils. Individual air blowers or a centralized water/air heat exchanger can also be included in the system upon request.

Applicable precast concrete products

Commonly racked systems with rigid chambers and low product diversity e.g. concrete blocks and paving stones.

Heating capacity

Depending on the concrete products to be cured and molds used, typically 10-20 K/h.

Polarmatic offers

  • Heating equipment
  • Heat exchangers and pumps
  • Blowers and heat exchangers
  • Duct work
  • Moisturizing system
  • Control valves
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Controls and software
  • Reporting for traceability 
TURBOMATIC MAX A12 container

maxTURBOMATIC Thermal Energy Unit

Heating solution for large scale concrete production and for the applications with high power needs and continuous 24/7 aggregate and/or water heating needs. 

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TURBOMATIC MAX A12 container

standardTURBOMATIC Thermal Energy Unit

Heating solution for concrete production in moderate to severe climate conditions and for the plants with medium scale curing needs. 

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TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit open

TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit

Heating solution for the applications where only the hot water production and storage is to be considered.

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