The new generation ProConX™ concrete batching plant control system is the most modern and user friendly control solution available on the markets and it is developed specifically for, and in the co-operation with, the concrete industry.

ProConX is not like any other control system – instead it is developed to be intuitive, flexible, modern, responsive and easy to use. ProConX is of course equipped with all the features your plant needs for controlling the concrete production – and much more.

ProConX control system for concrete batching plants

  • Is completely web-based and it can be accessed via any browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone.
  • While producing concrete, data is shown on the background and only when the attention of the operator is needed, more details are brought up.
  • Operator’s decision making is assisted by data and suggestions


ProConX Load Cell Supervisor

Always Available

ProConX is easy to install. The web browser is used as the user interface for the system. While running the system, it backs up itself automatically and continuously to a defined location.

In case a computer crashes or gets stolen, the control system is quickly ready and available on another device. In case of multiple concrete production site usage, several windows can be opened simultaneously.

ProConX Main Page

Efficient and Easy-to-use Production Management

Live production overview and planning

  • Important data is shown at a glance during the weighing, concrete mixing and loading processes
  • When attention of the operator is needed, more details are brought up
  • POLARAMA – fully integrated camera surveillance system offers online control of the entire concrete production plant and its surroundings via multiple views. 

Batching control

  • Automatic dosing and adjustment of hot/cold water ratio to reach the desired concrete temperature
  • Integrated Load Cell Supervisor: Real time weighing diagrams for load cells and scale calibration
  • Integration of contactless POLARMOIST moisture measurement system into the dosing control and adjusting the water amount automatically basing on the results of the same batch
ProConX Truck Planning

State-of-the-art Data Management

  • Detailed dosing statistics
  • Flexible reporting
  • Recording of the activities for traceability
  • Integration to other systems via a standard interface
ProConX Recipe Creator


Laboratory Module

  • For recording and utilizing all test results in order to improve both the process control and concrete quality

Concrete Recipe Creator

  • For optimizing the recipes in order to save money on material costs without compromizing the strength and other properties of the concrete

These modules are also available as stand-alone software.

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