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CUREMATIC with TURBOsteam curing

CO2 rich TURBOsteam is led into the curing kilns or tents at the temperature 250-300°C (480-750°F). The curing temperature will increase as per the settings while the CUREMATIC ensures that the humidity level is kept optimal. 

Applicable precast concrete products

Products cured in kilns or chambers e.g. pipes, manholes, blocks, paving stones etc.

Heating capacity

Depending on the concrete products to be cured and molds used, typically 10-20 K/h.

Polarmatic offers

  • Heating equipment
  • Control valves
  • Piping
  • Temperature sensors
  • Controls and software
  • Reporting for traceability
  • Retractable curing tents


TURBOsteam Generator is the heating solution for locations where aggregate heating and TURBOsteam Curing is required but no water heating is needed.  

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TURBOMATIC MAX A12 container

maxTURBOMATIC Thermal Energy Unit

Heating solution for large scale concrete production and for the applications where curing is applied in addition to production of warm concrete.

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