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CUREMATIC with Warm Water curing

Warm water is circulated through a piping system which distributes the heat by radiation and convection to the concrete products to be cured.

Applicable precast concrete products

Products cast on beds, molds or tables, e.g. hollow core slabs, beams, walls etc.

Heating capacity

0,5 kW per m² of bed/table surface

Polarmatic offers

  • Heating equipment
  • Heat exchanger and pumps
  • Control valves
  • Piping
  • Manifolds and expansion tanks
  • Temperature sensors
  • Controls and software
TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit open

TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit

Heating solution for the applications where only warm water production is required for water curing of concrete products.

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TURBOMATIC MAX A12 container

maxTURBOMATIC Thermal Energy Unit 

Heating solution for large scale concrete production and for the applications where heating is applied also for curing.

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TURBOMATIC STD AT6 container 2

standardTURBOMATIC Thermal Energy Unit 

Heating solution for concrete production in moderate to severe climate conditions and for the plants with medium scale curing needs. 

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