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CUREMATIC Curing Solutions

Excellent Precast Concrete Quality and Increased Productivity

CUREMATIC Curing Solutions: Stack of reinforced concrete slabs in a house-building factory workshop

Optimal Performance for Precast Concrete Production

CUREMATIC curing solutions are designed to help the precast concrete producers to increase their annual production rate and throughput and to improve the quality of the final concrete products. CUREMATIC systems are always tailored to customer-specific needs and products to be produced. 

Total curing system solution

CUREMATIC curing system will solve all the curing needs in precast concrete, pipe, block and paver production plants in the most efficient way.

Combined with Polarmatic’s superior heating and cooling systems, CUREMATIC will enable concrete producers to reach their target temperatures of the concrete at all times. This will help precast producers to achieve the planned concrete curing times and to produce premium quality concrete products efficiently throughout the year.

Main functions of the CUREMATIC are:

  • Curing of the precast concrete elements, pipes, blocks and pavers
  • Control the curing process, e.g. maturity and quality
  • Enabling production of concrete at the right casting temperature

CUREMATIC Curing systems offer numerous benefits

  • One containerized unit for curing, heating and cooling
  • Precise control of the entire concrete curing process
  • Increased annual production and faster throughput with help of superior heating power
  • Energy-efficient system creates significant cost reductions
  • Lower cement usage for achieving the required concrete strength
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Fully automated and computer-operated system with fast, flexible and stable operation


CUREMATIC Warm Water Curing

Ideal solution for curing of the concrete products cast on beds, molds or tables.

Typical products: hollow core slabs, beams and wall elements

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Designed for the curing process in kilns or chambers.

Typical products: concrete pipes, manholes, blocks and paving stones

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Lakan Betoni products
Concrete tiles produced by Best Way Stone in Canada with help of TURBOMATIC heating unit.

CUREMATIC Hot Air Curing

Commonly used with the racked curing systems with rigid chambers and low product diversity.

Typical products: concrete blocks and paving stones.


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CUREMATIC Steam Curing

Especially for the curing systems with the rotation lines where big amounts of the same type of concrete products are cured 24/7.

Typical products: tunnel elements and railway sleepers


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Polarmatic curing solutions for tunnel element curing.

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