INFORMATION SOLUTIONS - for the concrete industry

Improved performance… based on real information.


Solutions for measuring aggregate, concrete and concrete products' temperatures, and to enable the user to control the production better, and to improve the quality and/or to save costs.

  • Tempmatic/P-B - for concrete temperature measurement in twin shaft and pan type mixers
  • Tempmatic/N-M - for concrete temperature measurement in free-fall mixers. Temperature measurement directly from the inside of the rotating mixer drum and continuous monitoring of the temperature through-out the entire mixing process
  • Tempmatic/OPA - for the monitoring of the temperature of hollow core slabs during heat treatment
  • Tempmatic/AS - for monitoring aggregate temperatures in bins


Polarmoist optical moisture sensor for measurement of aggregate moisture content based on long-lasting LED technology. Stable operation and long sensor life-time due to no physical contact with aggregates.