AT – Combined Heating and Cooling Solution

Lasselsberger GmbH, Krems, Austria

In 1999 Lasselsberger GmbH became the first Austrian customer for Polarmatic when they decided to invest in a new Turbomatic™ heating system in order to intensify their production of ready-mix concrete in the cold Austrian climate. 

New Batching Plant with Cooling

In 2017 a new mile stone was reached together when Lasselsberger made a decision to erect a new concrete batching plant, which will fulfil the newest technology standards of Krems (Lower Austria).

The plant design for the new site was Variomix® by SBM Mineral Processing GmbH, and the company’s choice was maximum output of 130 m3 (170 yd3) hardened concrete per hour, equipped with all the features like fiber and colour dosing.

Due to the ever hotter getting summer months, it was also inevitable for Lasselsberger that the new batching plant does not only have to be equipped with a heating system, but also with a cooling system. Polarmatic, together with SBM Mineral Processing GmbH and Linde GmbH designed a new concept for combined heating and cooling solution.

The heating of the plant will be carried out with the proven TURBOMATIC heating system, which will now be extended with a liquid nitrogen cooling system for cooling the dosing water and aggregates.

The complete system was built into a 40′ container, and the same pipe lines are used for heating and cooling purposes.

COOLMATIC with LIN cooling
COOLMATIC with LIN cooling