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TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit (WAT)


TURBOMATIC Warm Water Unit is a heating solution for generation and storing of warm water in the concrete batching plants that are operating in moderate climate conditions.

With Warm Water Unit the concrete batching plants are able to generate warm water for the production process including truck mixer washing and filling of saddle tanks as well as for heating of premises and utility water heating.


Heating options

  • Heating of the concrete batching plant production facilities
  • Generation of warm wash water
  • Supply of warm water for filling the truck mixer saddle tank
  • Production of warm utility water
  • Heating of other plant facilities, e.g. offices and laboratories
  • Warm water curing applications


Warm Water Unit models



300 kW500 kW750 kW1000 kW1250 kW1500 kW2000 kW

Powered with

Light fuel oil, biodiesel
30 l/h50 l/h75 l/h100 l/h125 l/h150 l/h200 l/h
Natural gas
30 m³n/h50 m³n/h75 m³n/h100 m³n/h125 m³n/h150 m³n/h200 m³n/h
Natural gas pressure min 0,8 bar (g)


  • Fully integrated oil tank located inside TURBOcontainer separated with fire wall and equipped with all necessary safety etc accessories
  • Combi models available for dual fuel operation: bio-diesel or light fuel oil/gas
  • Gas-burner for bio-gas, natural gas or propane
NOTE! Actual fuel consumption is significantly lower than rated consumption at max. load

Structure / Layout


  • Standard 20’ (L 6050 x W 2438 x H 2592 mm) or 40’ (L 12400 x W 2438 x H 2592 mm) container; also special containers as per customer requirements.
  • Option: thermally insulated, for outdoor usage
  • Option: side door for easy access



  • For indoor installation
  • Rack dimensions vary depending on the capacity class (e.g. L 4170–5400 x W 2120 x H 2400 mm); also special rack dimensions as per customer requirements