Tunneling Projects

TURBOMATIC – The No. 1 Choice for Tunneling Projects

For decades has the TURBOMATIC heating system been the first choice for large infrastructure projects where high quality standards are demanded for concrete and shotcrete delivered at job sites running all year round. 

Here is a short introduction into three different tunneling projects where TURBOMATIC heating systems are currently in use:

Project no. 1 - The Follo Line Tunnel, Norway

The tunnel built to the new Follo Line track will be the longest railway tunnel in the country and will half the travel time from Ski to Oslo.

Three TURBOMATIC heating units were delivered to the jobsite serving batch plants from Italian manufacturer SIMEM for the concrete production of the tunnel segment linings.

Tunnel facts:

length 20 km
from/to Oslo / Ski
design separate twin tunnels
completion end of 2021

Project no. 2 - Albula Tunnel, Switzerland

The Albula Line in South Eastern Switzerland is known for its breathtaking views traveling over viaducts in the middle of the majestic Swiss Alps. The existing tunnel, built between 1898 and 1904, will be replaced by a new one. TURBOMATIC units are located at both, North and South portals of the tunnel.

Tunnel facts:

length 5,9 km
from/to Preda / Spinas
design Single tunnel
completion 2020

Project no. 3 – Koralm Tunnel, Austria

The Koralm Tunnel in Austria is a major step for the Austrian Railway to shorten traveling time in the North/South direction through the mountains between Graz and Klagenfurt.

The same TURBOMATIC heating unit has served at the jobsite for the now completed world longest Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. That means Polarmatic’s heating system is not only energy efficient, but also a rugged machine to serve customers for years in demanding conditions.

Tunnel facts:

length 33 km
from/to Frauental / Sankt Andreä
design separate twin tunnels
completion 2022