Aggregate heating
Curing with warm air, moisturizing
Curing with TURBOsteam
Batching plant space heating

CURING SOLUTIONS - for the concrete industry

The CUREMATIC™ curing system is specifically developed to solve all curing needs in precast concrete, pipe, block and paver plants in a precisely controlled, optimized and energy-efficient manner.

The main functions of the CUREMATIC are:

  • Curing in chambers and kilns with CO2-rich TURBOsteam, hot air or steam
  • Curing of hollow core slab beds with warm water

The CUREMATIC is also capable of handling all other precast concrete, pipe, block and paver plant as well as associated batching plant heating requirements such as:

  • quick melting of frozen aggregates
  • pre-heating and heating of aggregates
  • generation of warm dosing water
  • generation of warm wash water/saddle tank fill water for truck mixers
  • production of warm utility water
  • heating of plant and production facilities
  • heating of offices and other facilities

The CUREMATIC curing system is a total system solution from process design & sizing of equipment, to delivery, installation and implementation of a fully functional curing system including the equipment and controls needed for an optimum curing process resulting in high quality concrete products.

The CUREMATIC curing system offers numerous benefits:

  • Total system solution for curing and heating
  • Precise control of the curing process Increased annual production due to superior heating power and/or use of warm concrete
  • Production of high, constant and homogenious quality end-products with warm, high quality concrete
  • Significant savings in energy consumption and cost – as high as 80%
  • Savings in cement usage and cost – as high as 5%
  • Lowest possible operating costs
  • Lowest possible maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly - minimum fuel consumption, minimized cement consumption, lowNOx-burner technology, no wastes
  • Fully automatic, PC-operated - optimized, precise control throughout the entire process – from batching to curing including continuous follow-up and monitoring with easy to use reports, full traceability, etc, calculated maturity etc


Each CUREMATIC curing system solution is tailored according to customer-specific requirements and the products the customer is producing: precast concrete products, pipes, blocks and/or pavers.

The complete scope of engineering services provided by Polarmatic Oy ranges from basic, conceptual design to dimensioning and detailed, 3D-design including the following:

  • process design of total curing system based on cured products
  • selection and dimensioning of heat source
  • dimensioning of moisturizing system
  • design and dimensioning of curing environment: tents, kilns & chambers including air circulation
  • basic and detailed design of piping system
  • design of curing control system
  • documentation

The aim of the engineering services is to provide the best possible curing solution for each specific customer controlling the curing temperature, humidity and time in an optimum manner - resulting in high quality concrete end-products while at the same time save both time and money ie. time, energy (fuel) and cement.


Optimal curing – resulting in high quality end products – requires precise control of temperature and/or moisture. Cost efficiency requires a correctly dimensioned and selected heat source.

The recommended heat source for the CUREMATIC curing system is the TURBOMATIC™ heating unit which is available in different models and configurations meeting different customer requirements in an optimum and most effective manner. A wide capacity range, fuel options and various layouts ensure that the best possible solution can always be found for each and every customer. The CUREMATIC curing system can also be designed and delivered with other heat sources such as a conventional steam boiler or a warm air generator.

When precise, separate moisture control is needed the TURBOMATIC heating unit is complemented with the fully integrated CUREmoist™ moisturizing system.