US – Wintertime Concrete Production Enabled with TURBOMATIC

Camp Precast, Milton, VT, USA

Camp Precast is a precast concrete product manufacturer with a combined experience of over 100 years. The company is located in Milton, Vermont where they produce standard and customized concrete products.  

In Februar 2017 the company opened their brand new production facility which is equipped with the latest production technology available, enabling them e.g. to produce high quality concrete all year long.

The production site is equipped with Polarmatic heating system TURBOMATIC Thermal Heating Unit MAX 750 G.

Investing in New Heating System

The main reason why Camp Precast decided to invest in TURBOMATIC heating system was to increase production efficiencies with the new operation. With the help of the new technology, the company can now produce 80°F (24°C) concrete also in the middle of winter using aggregates which have been heated with TURBOMATIC. This was something the owners never thought could be possible.

According to Travis Brousseau, part-owner and general manager of Camp Precast, there were often times when the company had to buy ready-mix concrete during the winter months because batching the concrete at site was more expensive than buying it from an external supplier. During the heaviest wintertime conditions, the plant would have been forced to completely shut down, but today, now when Polarmatic supplied the heating system to heat the aggregates, the process water and the plant efficiently, the plant is running all year round.

Technical Data



Batching Plant

Number of Mixers
Production Rate
Number of Bins4 pcs
Number of Hoppers1 pc

Heating Solutions

Total Capacity2.6 MBTU – 0,75 MW
FuelNatural Gas
Structure20′ container
Camp Precast, TURBOMATIC Flow Chart

Customer Case Story featured also in Precast magazine 1-2018 (by NPCA).