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Accessories for Polarmatic Systems

TEMPMATIC temperature measurement solutions for concrete mixers



Unique temperature measuring systems which reliably measure the temperature of the aggregates, concrete and concrete products.

TEMPMATIC will assist production teams to control the production processes better and to improve the product quality but also to create cost savings.


Tempmatic / PMC-37 / P-B

For measuring the concrete temperature in twin shaft and pan type mixers.

Tempmatic / PMC-37 / N-M

For measuring the concrete temperature in free-fall mixers.

Tempmatic / PMC-37 / OPA

For monitoring the temperature of the hollow core slabs during the curing process.

Tempmatic / PMC-37 / AS

For monitoring the aggregate temperatures in bins.


Compatible with

Sensomatic gas detector fixed model



Gas Detection System PMC-2106

Gas monitoring System for batch plant indoor spaces. 

Measuring system: 

    • PMC-2106 is a gas detection system, which can reliably monitor carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) levels in the batch plant’s facilities
    • A local LED indicates their status and the system provides easy installation and simple maintenance
    • The detection system is fully integrated into the TUROBMATIC’s control system


Compatible with

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment


Polarmatic systems are designed to be used with normal water quality. In cases when the water will be utilized in places with exceptional properties e.g. extensive hardness, a water treatment system is recommended.


Polarmatic water treatment systems are always tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of the concrete production plant.



  • Sizing for 3, 6 or 9 m³/h usage, other sizes upon request
  • 3 types of equipment:
    • Water softener
    • Iron and manganese removal plus increase of pH
    • Potassium permanganate, color, bad smell and taste removals


Compatible with

Water Equipment

Water Equipment


Dosing water valve

  • Butterfly valve, soft seated
  • Available sizes: DN65…80 (2½”…3″)


Temperature sensor for water scale

  • Pt100 sensor
  • Integration into batching plant control system


Water hose reel set

  • Hose length 30 m
  • Automatic spring-loaded rewind
  • Including hose guide and a hose stopper
  • Container can be furnished with separate opening for hose


Compatible with

Polarmatic oil tank accessories.

Oil Tank Accessories


Ultrasonic oil tank level measurement

  • Measuring range is factory adjusted
  • Output 4…20 mA
  • Fully integrated into heating unit controls and software


Oil/petrol filling station

  • Pump motor 0,37 kW
  • Max. flow 60 l/min
  • Hose 4 m, Ø 19 mm
  • Integrated filter
  • Automatic petrol gun
  • Mechanical flow measurement
  • Lockable enclosure W 51 x H 55 x D 32 mm


Compatible with

Information Management Accessories

Polarmatic mobile phone alarm for TURBOMATIC system.

Mobile Phone Alarm


  • Transmission of alarms via mobile network to preset phone numbers
  • Quadband 2G/4G module
  • Fully integrated into the control system and softwares


Compatible with

TURBOMATIC heating system can be accessed remotely in case of a malfunction.

Remote Access


  • Solution for system remote access via network/internet connection
  • Plan orders and control the batching plant from one location
  • Start and stop the heating or cooling when the plant is unoccupied
  • Control and monitor the curing process and review the reports from the central operations
  • Ideal for trouble shooting purposes


Compatible with

TURBO optimizer


With TURBO optimizer plant operators can easily monitor the operation and performance of the heating system with clear and easy-to-read reports.

TURBO optimizer provides precise information on the energy consumption; fuel, thermal energy and electricity. TURBOMATIC PC or another remote PC will work as the user interface and reports can be converted in Excel. 



Increased and systematically gathered information providing basis for process, operational and performance improvements of the plant under all conditions with remarkable cost savings. 


Compatible with